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Identity in Web3

"Digital Identity is how we see ourselves and how we want the world to see us, online." 

With the advent of the blockchain and the NFT technology, anything that you own: fashion pieces, shoes, jewellery, accessories in the digital space is truly yours. And if these one-of-a-kind wearables assets allow people to identify you in the digital space, that is your digital identity.

Solution to Identity Crisis

Meta Eyes uses AI to provide products that are unique to you and created for you!

We create AI-based Generative Wearable Collections.

We start with irises, analogous to your physical identity, and will later expand to a broader range of wearables!

Stay tuned...

3 Steps to Build your Identity

This Platform Pass NFT pass gives you access to our online store.
Get your wearable NFT generated by our AI according to our specifications.
Use this NFT as a Profile Pic, wear it on camera or across metaverses of your choice.

Our Smart AI Store

  • Customise
    Colour 1
    Colour 2
  • Customise
    Colour 1
    Colour 2
Our AI-based Online Store generates irises which you can swipe right or left according to like or dislike. The AI takes your past preference into consideration while generating new irises for you. Not only that, you have the option to customize the colours of these Irises according to your liking. And before you hit the BUY button, you can also try on AR filters.

There is a 0.0001% chance that someone else will see the same iris that was generated for you.
So, if you like a design but are still unsure, wishlist it. Because once swiped, it is lost forever.


Q4 2022

- Drop of Meta Eyes Platform Pass NFT.
- Selecting Social media Influencers, to test our Smart Store.
- Onboarding Artists for Community Wear.
Q1 2023

- 2nd Sale of Meta Eyes Platform Pass NFT.
- Minting of Glass Wearable NFTs.
Here we are
Q1 2023

- Launch of Meta Eyes Smart Store.
- Minting of Iris Wearable NFTs.
Coming Soon

- Utility Token
-Other Wearables

Our Team

Tushar Singhal
Tushar Singhal Meta Eyes
MSc Cognitive Systems,
Ulm University, Germany

"Kind of a Know it All"
From Machine Learning,
Web Development,
Graphic Design,
UI/UX Design
Harsha Agarwal
Harsha Agarwal Meta Eyes
MSc Sustainable Resource Management, TUM, Germany

"Wants to make the world a better place"
Sustainability, Marketing
Business Strategy Development
Andor Diera
Andor Diera
MSc Cognitive Systems,
Ulm University, Germany

"Keeping the team in check"
Machine Learning,
UI/UX Design


How many wearables can I mint using the Platform pass?

One Platform Pass allows you to mint ONE wearable per collection.

What are the other advantages of buying the pass?

With the Platform Pass, you can mint one free wearable per collection and not only that you also get discounts on community wearable collections.

Where can I use these NFTs?

The wearable can be used as Profile Pics, AR filters and inside metaverse. We are aiming to expand the utility to all possible metaverse to give you the most out of your wearable design.

Can I resell these nfts in the secondary market like OpenSea?

Yes, you can resell both Platform Pass NFT and also the wearable NFT.

Where does my NFT go after I purchase a Meta Eyes NFT?

Everything stays in your wallet, the  Platform Pass NFT and the wearable NFT. The Platform Pass NFT only acts as a form of verification.

Are you associated with Facebook aka Meta Platforms?

We are not associated with Meta(Facebook earlier), but maybe in the future.

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